Environmental Policy

PAPAYIANNI BROS S.A. company aims for a sustainable economic development in harmony with nature, in the context of which it seeks the prudent and rational use of natural resources, while reducing the negative effects of its activities on the environment.

Main goals:

  • Environmental protection
  • Protection of natural resources
  • Staff awareness on environmental issues
  • Strengthening green entrepreneurship
  • Continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performance

In order to achieve the above goals, the PAPAYIANNI BROS SA company has adopted and applies internationally recognized ethical and environmental schemes (RSPO, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade), which promote sustainable farming and forestry. Additionally, a key criterion for the selection/acceptance of the company’s partners is their compliance with the above schemes as well as with further environmental standards (PEFC, FSC), contributing to the protection of forests from over-exploitation, deforestation and illegal logging that have adverse ecological effects on the environment and the preservation of biodiversity.

PAPAYIANNI BROS SA, recognizing the effects that its activities have or may have on the environment, is committed to:

  • constant information and compliance as a minimum with the legal and regulatory requirements that govern the operation of a business
  • provision of sufficient resources that ensure the continuous improvement of environmental performance and, by extension, the reduction of our direct and indirect environmental footprint
  • constant monitoring of qualitive and quantitative production data, waste and wastewater management data, as well as other environmental parameters
  • continuous training of staff
  • monitoring of contractors, subcontractors and external crews for their compliance with the environmental operating conditions
  • raising awareness of staff and stakeholders regarding sustainable development
  • maximum effort to meet the (environmental and ethical) requirements of the interested parties
  • responsible operation of the business, by having full knowledge of the environmental effects of production processes and by extension taking all the necessary measures to minimize them

The Management of PAPAYIANNI BROS S.A. re-evaluates and, if deemed necessary, redefines its goals and, by extension, its policy, on an annual basis, with the ultimate goal of achieving optimal environmental performance for the company.

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